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What God has to Say about "Marriage"

  • Our Conference will be this weekend at According To The Word Church, 1002 Washington, Avenue, La Plata, MD  20746. We pray that you will be lead to come out and join us.  The information about our conference is located on the upcoming events page.  Please visit that page to register and receive the additional information concerning the conference.  

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"What God Has to Say about Marriage" has not resumed. We are praying for your marriages, relationships, engagements, but more importantly, we are praying for you to be steadfast in your relationship with our Savior. Jesus is always available, willing, listening, compassionate, and able to solve any problem we may encounter. Are you willing to reach out to us, or other's or, are you allowing the enemy to speak to your head and distract you. Remember, the devil came to kill, steal, and destroy, please do not allow him to steal your marriage.  Do not hesitate to call on him daily. We have not given up on our assignments and we will not give in to the enemy; our hearts are with each one of you and we will remain available to you to schedule an appointment if needed. 

We are still available by Virtual contact, email, or by telephone.  Pastor's Morgan is still available, and you can reach them via email or telephone to schedule an appointment. In the event that you need the contact information, please go to our contact page.  Please see the next page for a word from the Master. 

Our conference for February was a success.  For those who attended, we pray that you were blessed and that you will continue to recall those things that the Holy Spirit spoke to you. Just a reminder our follow-up conference will be March 9th from 10:00am-12noon at 4308 Broken Arrow Court, Clinton, MD 20735.  This is a free event, and breakfast will be served. We pray that you are lead to attend.  Please see our upcoming events page for information regarding our conference in October.  


This picture is of the Westin Hotel  in the National Harbor, where our first conference in October of 2013 was held.  We meet our partners there and God entwined our spirits and untied us to do HIs mission together. 

As the Lord allowed us to continue to have conferences, we have held them at what used to be the Clarion Hotel in Oxon Hill, but now is the HarborSide hotel, and several of our conferences  were held there over the next few years.  In addition, we also held a conference at the Marriot Hotel in Greenbelt, MD. Please take a look at our upcoming events page for the next conferences that we are planning.